The Lord speaks to me in words, usually not visions or dreams… just plain old language. We have a dance we do, He and I. He gives me a word for myself, or someone else, and I run to the dictionary . The first clue is always in the literal definition of the word. I love it when I’m surprised by the meaning of a word that I thought I knew. Last New Years I asked the lord for a word . A word for the new year for myself . He gave me reign. I was pretty excited. Let’s be honest, that’s a good word. It literally means to take authority over your holdings, your family… your people. Toward the end of this year, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I started seeing birds everywhere. Reading scripture about wings, feathers and yes… Birds! I don’t have it worked out just yet, but I love the scripture the lord showed me above .Free as a bird.

Also this. There is so much to it! The nest building, the covering , the feeding, the flying! I love my word for this year. I am intrigued and digging in.

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