Mind and body

There is a connection between mind and body, yes, I knew that. I know that it relaxes my muscles , and nervous tensions when I get rubbed. A massage…. a good remedy for physical relaxation . What surprised me was the body / spirit connection. I knew that my spirit was lean, and tired, and trying to give out to my family without enough nourishment to go around. I did not know that getting a massage, and a facial would feed her, revive her, fill her up. I lay there in those heated sheets, with lovely fragrances all around me. I relaxed, in my body , in my mind, and in my spirit. I felt overwhelming gratitude toward the Lord, because somehow it came directly from him , through Erin! She had to listen, she had to be generous and obedient… She did her part in helping me receive a beautiful gift for my birthday ! Peace. It’s priceless. With homeschool not getting done, and floors to be vacuumed , not to mention war, and injustice all around, peace feels like such an extravagance . Such a luxury, peace, but I know Yeshua came to bring peace, not just calm in the storm , but a peace that can’t be measured. I felt that , he gave me some for my birthday. Peace deep down in my spirit. I’m grateful.

One thought on “Mind and body

  1. I’ve experienced a few of those peace moments in having my body cared for too. I’ve wondered if that was a taste of what it was like for the disciples when Jesus washed their feet. Amazing how he can minister directly to us through other humans in such a tangible way.

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