I wrote this a long time ago, and tonight I was reminded of these truths. I hope there is something here for you too.

 Ok. More about this…I am terrible about labeling myself. Some of the labels, I recognize, and I tear them off as fast as I can, others…I buy into, they become part of my personality.Sadly. Until someone (in this case my friend Kat). Gives me a good ,stern talking to about it.  Last night Kat looked me in the eye , and she was genuinely bothered by the fact that I sell myself short. She told me that if I don’t wake up, and SEE who I really am, the person that other people see, the woman that God made me….that I will have missed out on my whole life. WHOA. yeah. She is so right. I have opened up to a select few, the chosen ones, friends that have proven their love and loyalty without a doubt.( I really must have been kicked around some in my life). I am open and frank on…

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