A few thoughts for my friend.

Friendships are weird. Some are built on common interest, your children, your job. Some are built around your faith, and your spiritual walk. But there is a rare one that seems  simply spoke into being. I have one like that. I dare say that I have not gone shopping with this friend, or taken in an art show, not even a lunch. She has spoken life into me on some of my darkest days, the kind of truth that comes from someone on the outside of your inner circle. I value her thoughts and insight so much.
When the unthinkable happened and tragedy struck her life, I was struck down. My husband , the ever supportive saint, let me sit on the couch and weep for her family, though they are not part of our dailies. He knows the connection I feel with her. He listens ( even though, sometimes I say he doesn’t).
Imagine my surprise when her name showed up on my phone yesterday! I couldn’t answer it fast enough. Her voice was a surprise to me, and that weirded me out because I feel like I know her. The words that she shared with me were such a gift from God , and such a confirmation that God is love. His reach is deeper and wider than we know. He connected us almost 6 years ago through this blog. He is a help to me, and you my friend are a gift. I have been guilty of staying inside my walls , my circles of safety, and thinking there will always be time. This last month has been eye opening, heart revealing…I am so glad that you called.

One thought on “A few thoughts for my friend.

  1. WW, you are comforting. Thank you for answering the phone in that very moment.

    I loved meeting the butcher the day we signed your shop petition. I really loved running into you at a store downtown and you had your birthday boots on. But my favorite parts of knowing you come from your words.

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