The day after hump day…

It’s only Thursday , and I cannot believe the week we have had. On Saturday we officially opened the indoor shooting range, on Sunday we celebrated Adam turning 16 with 25 if his closest friends, hot dog cart and all! On Monday little lion boy had a slight melt down situation at school ( never put sprite in a camel back, it will explode), so he came home at 9. Then it was both kids to the orthodontist that afternoon. Every day this week has been riddled with homework mine fields, battles that can rage into what is supposed to be the quiet time of night. The kind of warfare that can leave a parent shell shocked , most often muttering, and stumbling around the house . Then there was hump day… Time to check on the ear, see how it is healing up from the 6th surgery, we head into the ENT, and I think to myself, I’m going to ask him about the bloody crusty nose that Isaiah has. Staph Infection!! It had spread from one nostril to the other …thank God we had that check up! Then another terrible homework night. That was hump day. This is the day after hump day, so far so good.

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