What Daddies do…

I don’t have a ton of childhood memories. I could only list a handful that include my dad. I wish that wasn’t the case , but it is. I am grateful that my children’s experience will not be the same. They have a magnificent daddy, he is extravagant in his love for them. It helps that he has an earthly father who was wonderful and a Heavenly Father who teaches him grace and love every day.
Over the course of our 21 years of parenting, I’ve studied my husband, along with other men that have been in our social circles, and I think I have a pretty good idea of what daddies do.
Daddies take care of mommies.
Daddies take children on adventures.
Daddies provide for their children financially.
Daddies give their children an identity.
Daddies protect their children from harm.
Daddies do the heavy lifting.
Daddies sing at bedtime, and pray out loud.
Daddies rarely complain.
Daddies eat wherever mommies want to, this teaches children that he honors their mommy.
Daddies tell children how awesome their mom is.
Daddies carry their children to bed as long as they physically can.
Daddies teach boys how special girls are, and how to treat them.
Daddies teach girls not to spend any time with boys who don’t treat them like their daddies do.
Daddies dance .
Daddies tell their children the truth.
Daddies get up in the middle if the night and check on the household.
Daddies are full grown men who put their families first.
Daddies are children’s first picture of God’s love, his kindness, his patience.
My children and I are blessed, Thomas has worked so many jobs that he did not love , just to provide. And all the while , still dreaming and moving forward. He follows through. I respect him as much as I love him. And my children know he would never let them down. And that causes me to fall deeper and deeper in love with the father of my children…. My husband.

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