Random Thoughts…..

The kids are LOUD.  Mexican train is a LOUD game.  Kids love to play hide and seek darkness, I hate it, so scared that they will run into something in the afore mentioned darkness. Just like Adam did a couple of years ago, nearly put his eye out playing some crazy football game in the dark. My sister and daughter are both having baby girls at the end of summer, wow. Now my brain is involuntarily shutting down because of all of the thoughts that just flooded it. Babies, diapers, baby breath, wipes, gowns, baths, baby lotion, burping babies, toes, gums, cheeks, skin…crying, rocking, singing…..will the thoughts stop ? Baby legs, baby voices, dresses, cereal, milk, rhymes, silly words, dr visits, scooting, crawling….oh my goodness, I can’t believe that all that will be happening. That AND volleyball, school, work….life in general. Full.

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