recipe for my liquid laundry soap

Hello ! I said that I would post the recipe for the LIQUID laundry soap, and here it is :

1 bar of soap…your choice

1 cup of borax

1cup of washing soda

1 giant pot (big enough for 3 gallons)

3 empty gallon containers

So, here is the deal…I made 2 gallons, and it was too thick so I added water…from now on I will add it from the start.

Grate up the bar of soap and put it in the pot, add 1.5 gallons of warm water , let it dissolve over med heat.

Once the soap is dissolved add the cup of borax, and the cup of washing soda, then 1.5 gallons of cold water. Bring to a boil, and then remove from heat.  It will start to thicken. Pour into your containers via your funnel. I needed help with this step because the pot was so big !

The next day it will be thicker, and more gel- like. I was afraid there would not be enough fragrance for me, so I added a fragrance booster to each load of laundry. Perfect !

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