Freedom versus Falling…

It’s all about the condition of the heart.  We can make choices , we can drink , smoke…read books that disguise themselves as fantasy, when in actuality, they are erotica. We can be hurtful, and call it honest.  We can sit home from church every Sunday, and call it freedom.  Is it ? Or is it falling ?  I don’t want to be bound, and I don’t want my children to feel bound, but if your heart isn’t right with Jesus ….you are already in chains. I do a lot of silly things, some in the name of love, and some in selfishness, but I am trying to keep my heart healthy. Confession is like exercise for a heart that’s a little out of shape. Kind words to myself, and to others, are like vitamins for my heart. My eyes are open. The lines between freedom, and falling can become blurry . Sometimes the only way to bring the picture into focus is to look at… the condition of the heart.

P.S. it should be soft, and tender to the touch. FYI

2 thoughts on “Freedom versus Falling…

  1. thank you, angie. i needed to hear these words today! so happy you have a blog now! you are definitely a writer that has a voice that needs to be heard! 🙂 blessings, lora

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