Not always a bad thing. Woke up feeling pretty bad, and sad, and mad….you get the picture. It’s been a hard week.  I asked for help, from the only TRUE place that help comes from, and He directed me to Psalm 91. So cliché ? I don’t think so.

Here is  what He says….As for you, Angie and Isaiah…stand in my shadow, I will rescue you from the ones who choose to hurt you, and the destruction that ensues. I will shelter you with my wings. Isaiah has always loved feathers, he collects them, he researches them….oh, the inner workings, and knowledge of the spirit. Even the spirit of a little boy. There is no need to be afraid in the dark of night, or in the trials of the day, because you trust me, and stand in my shadow. I will rescue you, and I will answer when you call, because you are devoted to me.

And so, even now, when I am so angry at the school, and at the ones who are supposed to protect, and teach…I am running for the shadowlands, and the protection that I am promised. I am waiting for the rescue that is mine and Isaiah’s.  It might not look like what I think it should, but I know that it is coming.

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