deja….new ?

Good morning 2012. Those of you, (the faithful five) that follow this blog might remember that I have written about this before.  The damned haircut.  Sighing here.  Adam wanted his haircut before he went back to school, he is starting the civil air patrol, and wanted to neaten up.  Fine, shouldn’t be a problem. I use the clippers with the longest guard, short, but not shaved.  Good.  Until…Isaiah decides that he wants to be just like Adam, and get his hair cut, too.  Having experienced this before, I tried to say no. It’s too late at night, give it a couple of days, see if you still want to do it…and so on. I have terrible memories of the last time I cut his hair, he refused to go to school the next day, and I felt horrible. Like I should have known that he would hate the change, even though he asked for it. Bad mother syndrome was EPIC. It took us both a couple of days to recover from that one. So last night…I should have known better. But, my son, wouldn’t take no for an answer, he insisted, and so I cut it,  just the same as I cut Adam’s.

This morning, he wouldn’t get out of bed. He wouldn’t talk at first, just the growls, and groans, that I am all too familiar with. I wish that I could do an adequate job of describing the feeling that comes over me when I realize that I am in for a school morning fight. It’s like laying in a river with a rock on my chest, there is a moment of hopelessness before I pull it together, and give it up to the only one who can really take it. Just as this transition was taking place inside me, Isaiah came down the stairs. There was a blanket over his head, and he laid in a heap , covered up. But there was hope. He had come down .  Somewhere in there his SPIRIT was taking authority over his emotions.  This made me realize he really is growing up.  He came into the bathroom, still covered, still angry at me…that I had done this to him, that it was too short. I must have tricked him, cut his hair shorter than Adam’s…. He finally gave in, let me put gel in it. At this point, I knew there was a good chance that he would go to school, but I was still a little hurt myself, from all the accusations, and I refused to coddle him. He got dressed, and ate breakfast, he kissed me and said goodbye. He got into our car, as his Daddy looked on in amazement, he went to school. He will be 10 on Thursday, lion boy is becoming a man….one day at a time.

Same fight, different year…victory.  Through Jesus, our spirits have been given authority over our will, our souls, and our emotions…Miracles happen every day.

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