the man that makes the coffee

I am so torn between thankfulness, and aggravation.  I can’t be the only one.  So if you can handle the truth, here comes the list.      Thankful for                                                                                                                    Aggravated by

  • Isaiah waking me up with a letter, and prayer this morning.
  • Thomas having the opportunity to sell Christmas trees this year.
  • getting my brakes repaired for less than I thought.
  • hope
  • a future
  • hot baths
  • Adam’s jokes
  • Isabelle’s hugs
  • changing seasons
  • ava…freshly groomed
  • honest relationships
  • coffee…and the man that makes it.
  • gray hair….on the man that makes the coffee
  • the Lord turns ashes into beauty
  • the knowledge that I have the love and adoration of….the man that makes the coffee.

Aggravated by

  • The fighting that is constantly happening between my kids. And yet, I am grateful that I have kids, and that they are healthy and robust enough to fight constantly.
  • People that say one thing, and do another.
  • People that post bible verses on social websites, but then sit around drinking even though they are underage, having sex, even though they are not married.
  • myself, because of the afore mentioned judging.
  • lies
  • know it alls
  • my neighbors….most of them.
  • people being rude to my kids
  • the fact that i am hormonal at thanksgiving…..thus, this list.


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