We run from it, we are scared to death of it….Freedom is our word of choice. Shake it up in your mind, look at this thing from a different direction for a minute. Tonight I am sitting here, and the only thing on my mind is the word… captivity. Living in it, loving because of it, running toward it. I am praying that the Lord will capture my son’s heart… again. It’s so hard to be an almost 14 year old. But I know that no amount of testimony from me, no SPIRIT speech, no demanding is going to work. There is only one thing that will. The Lord has to take him captive. Captivate his heart, as well as his mind. Mesmerize him with the mystery of those things that are so deep, we will never fully know them. My son likes a challenge, living a life of love, is certainly that. And so tonight, I will ask over and over…..for real Lord, take his heart captive. Freedom is overrated, if you are not in it.

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