The Lady and the …tramp ??

 Please stop dressing your daughters like tramps. Harsh. I know. But, I am serious. These 11 year old girls are not buying their own clothes. WE are responsible for short shorts, and padded bras. WE ARE. I have sons and daughters. I can see this argument from every angle, and it keeps coming back to this. The  HEART.  Where is your daughter’s heart ? Does she idolize the young women she sees in the media ? Or does she know about modesty, and why we practice it ? Does she get her worth from the stares of boys her age, and men older than her, or does she consider Jesus her beloved ? No matter what your belif system, or faith…Moms you have a responsibility to teach your daughter the ins and outs of not just style, but morals, and how they fit into dressing in todays world. Dads, you have the very REAL job of showing your daughters what a boyfriend/husband should look like. Are you constantly making sexual references in front of your kids ? Do you talk about weight, and looks ?? Stop it. Start choosing your words wisely. Cherish your wife in front of your daughter, and your sons, for that matter. Be a walking example , a talking example…you may be the only one they get. 

               There is nothing sadder than an 11 year old girl in a miniskirt, padded bra, and tank top, with eyeliner circling her beautiful eyes. If you look a little deeper, what you see is a little girl begging for someone to notice her, find her funny, tell her she is worth something. Parents, mommies…..please, take notice. Time is slipping away.

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