silky and me.

  Last night I went into Isaiah’s room for our bedtime ritual, prayers, snuggling, a song , or two. How many nights have I done this ? How many nights have I rushed through it selfishly ? How many times have I wondered how long it would go on ? He is 9. Last night I turned out the light, and my baby said, I want to go to bed like Adam does. What ? I asked what he meant, and he said,  “don’t lay down with me, just say goodnight “.  And so began a night of self-pity, and sadness for the routine, that a day before, I had been complaining about.

                                        It’s morning now, and I am saying goodbye to the sadness, and hello to the grateful heart that I have for all the nights Isaiah and I snuggled, prayed, and sang songs. Did I not rub his silky skin a thousand times ? Thank you God for that . And did I not kiss his neck a thousand times ? Thank you God for that. Did I not use his questions, and insights to meet up with you Father a thousand times ? Thank you for that, and thank you for all the new ways that I will know Isaiah, this baby of mine, that I grew….I want to enjoy every minute, so help me Lord. Give me a grateful heart for each of my children as they grow bigger. I have so much to be thankful for.

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