last night I had a dream. In my dream Isabelle was pregnant. She is 10 . I was so upset, and I kept asking “who did this to you”?  She just looked at me , wide eyed, and innocent, and said, “no one”. I began to pace , in my dream, and I felt the weight of this situation on my shoulders. What would the neighbors think, and what about the my little girl ? I was upset, I was sad, and I was engulfed by the fear of man. Thankfully….I woke up. At first I thought I had a nightmare, and I wanted to forget it as quick as possible, but upon further diving in, I believe the dream was about….MARY. The mother of Jesus, yeah, thats the one.  I think the dream was about a young girl, who carried, not just a blessed baby inside of her, but the weight of the world ON her. What did her mother say ? How could she had known that she was raising, a girl, a woman, that would be chosen by God , to bring his son into the world. How did God pick her ? What skills did she possess that made her the front runner, or was it simply …her destiny since before time began ? I don’t know. What I do know is that she was strong, and she was faithful, she was selfless, and yet…a woman , not so different from any one of us. She loved her baby, she took pleasure in his fat baby hands, and she waited. When I hear the song , MARY DID YOU KNOW , it sort of bugs me. Because I think, who was she, that she wouldn’t have known ? She knew. And she waited. She watched him grow from a skinny adolescent, into a strong young man. She knew. I am certain of it. And yet, she was willing. She was amazing, and I love her. She is the mother of my King, and I will never forget her, or her sacrifice.

                The dream was so weird, but I am thankful that the Lord brought Mary to my mind’s eye. I don’t think I will be the same again.

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