late night…

   It was such a pleasant surprise to LOVE all the women who were at my Lia Sophia show last night. I walked away, at midnight, feeling appreciated… for who I am, respected… for going into this business venture, loved on… and generally filled up with….peace.  Yep. It was time well spent. I talked and talked, and it was okay. I talked until I saw recognition in the faces of the women, recognition that we are all in this boat together. And we can sink, or we can swim. I am swimming, thanks to the love of a good man, and a good PAPA. I shared that, and I saw hearts start to open up. That’s all I want. To praise you Lord, to see light in women’s eyes, to bring daughters closer to the FATHER. Thats all I want. I think I caught a glimpse of it last night.  We are all one people, one tribe.

One thought on “late night…

  1. i passed the store that you used to work at (which shall remain nameless) (haha) and i thought about you. i thought about how hard it must have been to see that part of your life come to an end but then i thought about how happy you’ve seemed and how successful your jewelry biz is going and it made me smile:)

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