I enjoy the thought of being part of a tribe of women. My mom, amd my sisters, and I….we are like that. We travel in packs to each others houses, and we laugh, we laugh so much. Its a bond that has been made stronger by the births of children, and the suffering, and loving that goes along with that. We are only on the EDGE of understanding what it means to be a ……tribe. We were born for this. I don’t think we are supposed to be singular in our trials, and triumphs. Nor, do I think that we should shut ourselves up in our houses, in our neighborhoods, and try to do every single thing on our own. I believe that God intended for us to be in tribes, they may not look like the tribes of old, but they are tribes. I am happiest when I am surrounded by women who know, and love me. Women whose wisdom, makes me smarter, and whose joy makes me dance. goodnight.

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