If grace is an ocean….you know the rest.

 ….we’re all SINKING. There is a thread running through my mind these days, actually, it’s more like a scarlet cord. I am turning from all the ideas that I held so close for so long (good and bad), and I  am dropping my scarlet cord out of my window, letting God know, that I am FOR him. No matter what is against me, I am FOR HIM. I am waiting.

         My starter show for lia sophia was last night. I asked the Lord to send me some encouragements….boy, did he ever ! I was amazed at the ladies who came. I was overwhelmed by the words of encouragement that they had for me. Frankly, I was impressed that they took time out of their busy schedules to bless me. In so many of them, I saw that grace is sufficient. Their stories, their families, their lives…..they are all just GOOD women. I think sometimes we just have to open our eyes up to the women around us….they are AMAZING, and if we are not careful, or get too wrapped up in ourselves….we will miss out.  I don’t want to do that anymore. The Lord is giving me this interest in the women around me,  this desire to KNOW who they are. I am really enjoying it, and lia sophia is a part of that ! ok. Thats it, I am done…just remember, Grace is sufficient for whatever beckons you today, there is enough, so much so that we are all sinking in it, breathing it into our lungs, and drowning in it.

ps.  Sidney, it is there for you too. God sees the potential in your life, and daddy and I do too. If I could play back all the things that I have done in my life, it would be a pretty rough movie to watch, but LOVE covers all I’ve done, including letting you down in so many ways….we love you.

2 thoughts on “If grace is an ocean….you know the rest.

  1. Well. I would like to say that it is NOT dribble.
    I think it is spot on.
    And I see LIFE in your husband’s face.
    And your family.
    And your house.
    And I admire the woman who provides the atmosphere for the LIFE to reproduce and who opens the doors to let HIM in.
    And I second the notion that GRACE is sufficient. Grace is the only thing that can rescue us from the poison of bitterness and unforgiveness and the misery of our own navel gazing. I need it like I need air.
    And that is what I have to say about that.

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