Follow the leader…

  Busy weekend …done. Fun had….check. Recovery….in process.

          Had a feeling that we would have a problem with Isaiah this morning, and so we went to bed last night praying. I have never felt such peace…not that I was sure that he would go to school without a fight, that wasn’t the reason for the peace. It was more that I prayed what I was SUPPOSED to pray. I prayed for Isaiah’s spirit to come forward, to walk ahead, go before his flesh. That part of him that says no, I don’t want to go, and I have a million reasons as to why I should stay home. I went to sleep knowing, that no matter what happened this morning, the LORD had my back. And Isaiah went to school without any complications. I am happy about that, but overwrought with joy, that I have a clear picture of what to pray for my kids….the spirit is there, they know the Lord, and recognize his voice, they just have to let their SPIRITS lead. We all do.  Follow the leader people, I am so much nicer when my spirit is in the driver’s seat . Amen. You know what you have to do.

P.S. here is a photo of the afore mentioned fun….disco is groovy baby !

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