renew, recharge, refocus, resolve, resurrect, restart, revive, replenish….reposess.

   Ok. We are off to Hilton Head for a few days. Gonna break bread, have a little communion, a little laziness before the madness. The butcher and I always do our best thinking at the ocean. Go figure. I can’t wait to sit in a chair, and watch all my treasures playing around me. I love the pure bliss of those first few minutes at the beach, it almost  makes them seem little again. I guess its the pure joy on their faces !

                I am going to renew… my attitude.

                I am going to recharge… my batteries

                I am going to refocus… my priorities

                I am going to resolve… myself to BE A BLESSING, and not a curse.

                 I am going to resurrect….my spirit.

                   I am going to restart….my heart.

                  I am going to revive….my love affair.

                   I am going to replenish….the things that have been depleted.

               And I am going to REPOSESS…..what’s been mine all along….peace.

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