Self control ( and other fruits of the spirit that are hard to come by around here)

 Self control….this is the one that I talk to Isaiah about ALL the time. Apparently, he doesn’t need his gluten free, low sugar diet anymore. He told me today that he is perfectly capable of obeying….if he wants to.  To which, I answered, we shall see grasshopper, we shall see.

patience….this is my problem. I want it now. And by it, I mean EVERYTHING. Peace, love, joy, provision, vacation, wisdom…..all of it. NOW.

longsuffering… eludes Isabelle. She is right in between the two boys, never was there a more beautiful rose between two thorns. HOWEVER, she yells like she is dying whenever they bother her. Whether its a little, or a lot…..she still yells just the same.

peace….the Butcher is struggling with. Sidney has moved out again. Its hard to be peaceful, when your kid won’t tell you where she is.

which leads back to me with….kindess. I am so hurt and mad . I have my head down, and I recognize where my help comes from, and yet….kindness is not easy. Nothing is easy. Being right is not easy, being wrong isn’t easy, parenting is not easy, marriage isn’t easy…..eating  ice cream is easy, but it makes you fat and lethargic. Hmmmm.

gentleness…..come on Adam, treat the smaller kids with the gentleness that I KNOW you have inside you. For me ? Pretty please ?

   Thats it, some quick thoughts for your pleasure.  Now to dinner….gluten free cheeseburger macaroni, and a chopped salad.

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