paper trees, a paper sun, and real life….

Parenting is so much more than Mother’s Day programs, and paper trees in a cafeteria. If you have a teenager, or a high needs child, then you already know this. If all you have is a toddler, or a new baby….you will find out. Don’t be offended by me, you didn’t know how hard marriage was, until you did. And you didnt know how gravity would affect your body, until… did. And so it goes, it takes time to understand some things. I have been married for almost 15 years, and I have a teenager who doesnt want to be parented anymore, an almost 13 year old, whose mood swings are only rivaled by my own, a 10 year old who wants to be a solid gold dancer, and the baby of them all, who is 8, and very high need. I have some experience.  Today there was snuggling, yelling, hugging, yelling, loving, maybe some swearing, laughing, anti fungal cream (dont ask), dancing, what seems like 50 vitamins (but is only 4), eating, baking, anti-biotics, a whole container of spilled juice, big eyes full of pride(his), big eyes full of tears,( mine)….songs written, visions viewed, a sex talk, a chopped salad and jamisons irish whiskey in my evening coffee. whew. I am tired. Parenting is more than I bargained for. Its so much more than paper trees, and paper flowers on a cafeteria stage…..its real life, a real good life. good night.

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