from the heart….

  Well….we spent the day at the lake with the Butcher’s family, and I have to admit…I was nervous. We haven’t been together in a while, and the last time was rough. I came home and wrote a blog about it. It offended some. What the Lord told me today was that, in that post, I was speaking from my HURT rather than my HEART. Aha. Explains A whole lot. Today I went in from a different place, a place of ….love. My circumstances haven’t really changed, but my heart has, it has expanded, and with that my spirit is spending more time at the forefront, while my soul(flesh) watches. Not only that, but I am REALLY feeling loved on by the Lord, and thre is nothing for me to do, but turn around, and pour it out.

                        I have asked the Lord for lots of things, and I feel like he has answered. It is beginning, I feel hopeful, and peaceful. I hope you do. Good night old friends, good night new friends….love to all.

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