Goings on….

      This life is not long, but its hard. I miss my friends. Some who are far away, in miles, and some who have just dissappeared from my life.  I look at photos, and I read old posts on this blog, and it makes me sad that you are not here now. I am not sure what happened, but I know that it hurt.

                     Ok….new subject. The Butcher is working on something…..isn’t he always?? The CHANNEL is a nonprofit ministry that is owned by some friends of ours from church. Its a music venue, a place where teenagers, and grown ups alike ,can go, and hear all kinds of music, all uplifting (even the screamo). Its a coffeehouse atmosphere, no alcohol. They are doing a good work, and have seen salvations in that place !! Back to the Butcher, Jay, the owner of the CHANNEL, has asked the Butcher to design and run a restaurant that will be connected to the CHANNEL. They are preparing a new location on main street, across from the HYATT, even now, as I am blogging, they are there ….working. Its 3 floors, the music, will be upstairs and the restaurant will be on the street level.  Thomas feels passionate about this, and we are praying to raise enough money to meet the needs of this new adventure ! I will post a link later, but for now, just pray….creativity and wisdom have to go hand in hand, and we need both ! 

                               I am still looking for a job. It has to be just right. More than ever, I know that the kids need me here when they get home. So, 8-2, office work….I don’t know, but I feel like God will provide it.

    We are stumbling forward, like babies just learning to walk. We end up on our a@# more than our feet, but we are moving forward. Sometimes, baby steps are all we can manage, good thing is…..we’re never stranded.

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