Sorry. I warned you that I was going to be busy and that my posts would be sketchy. Today is no different, but the Lord reminded me of something and I wanted to write about it.

                 A few weeks ago, we had a hosting HIS presence event at church, and it was a rough day…I am talking about, shut the door and close out everyone kind of rough. Somehow, I knew that I HAD to get there. Didn’t know what would happen after that, but I had to have HIM. I repented for my bitterness, and unbelief, and then I worshipped like no one else was there. The Lord sent my friend over, and I knew, that she knew ,I was having a rough time, so I had already expected her to pray for me. What I did not expect was that the Lord would speak something through her that I had never heard before, something that has become a tower for me, and a place that I can pull from ,when I don’t have anything left. She looked at me with tears in her eyes, laughing, and said” The Lord says that you are GLAMOROUS in the spirit”. It was exactly what I needed.

         Sometimes, I get so beaten down that I forget about the victory that is mine. Sometimes I feel haggard, old and down right ugly. But guess what…..thats not how my beloved sees me ! I am glamorous in my prayer, and glamorous in my worship, my face shines with the unveiled glory that belongs to him. And when I forget it, he sends someone to tell me ! So, even during this Easter week, when I am thinking about him, He is thinking about ….me, and you, too. What word has he used to describe you? I would love to know.

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