fast times at the Wirthlin house…..

   This is going to be a really busy week. So, my posts may be scattered. We have the teacher talent show, which Belle is a part of because she is on student council, and a HUGE social Studies test for her tomorrow, and then the fourth grade play on Friday.

                            The Butcher has two events on Saturday, where he will be using his hot dog cart. The first is a huge birthday party, for one of our favorite people…Abraham Keyes, he will be 3 ! And then that evening we will be doing the Fountain Inn Egg Drop ! The hot dog cart will actually be serving up BBQ at this one ! I am looking forward to that ! Sunday is Annalee’s birthday party,( my favorite neice), I can’t believe how much I am looking forward to it ! She is going to be 3 ! And I have dance practice on that day, too ! I am counting on the Lord to make it all happen.

                       We are almost all moved in, there are still a couple of boxes sitting around, with odds and ends in them, and we are still missing some window coverings. All in all, its starting to feel like home. Spring weather makes me hopeful, and that is where I will leave you today.

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