our future…

        My son WANTS to go to a Christian school. I can’t provide that. God is stirring it up in me though…..why would he do that when he knows our financial situation ? Adam will be in the 7th grade next year, and there is nothing that I would live more than to be able to put him in Southside Christian. I cannot imagine the way that Adam would grow and thrive in an atmosphere where GOD was present in his education. I can apply for financial aid, but even with that, we can’t do it.

                           Adam is in advanced classes, was invited to the school for the gifted, and talented in 3rd grade, plays tennis, but more than that…he is on the threshhold of coming into what the Lord has for him, his faith is growing, and his light is shining. He has had many prophetic words spoken over him, that I know in my heart to be true. He is a runner in the spirit, he does not linger, or wait around. He has that Joshua militant spirit, and plans even now, at the age of 12, to be in on the fight against the anti-christ, and whatever else that may bring. His heart is for justice.

              I guess the purpose of this post is to test the waters, ask your opinions. Do you think it matters where he goes to school ? And how far would you go to nurture this spirit, if it were your son ? Do any of your churches have scholarships in place that could help us with this, and if not why not ? We give to missions all over the place…..is this any less important ?

           This was a hard post to write, but I feel it is important to think about, and I honestly do want your comments and ideas.

One thought on “our future…

  1. i don’t think there is a difference. giving to someone like adam, who is getting the training to minister to then take the truth to those who have never heard. just imagine!!

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