I was made for HIM.

             It was a good weekend. That is an understatement. It was a fun, busy, filled up to overflowing weekend. I am constantly being surprised at the ways that the Lord blesses me. The way He chooses to speak to me, the people that he has painstakingly picked out to be in my life. He is generous. He is kind and forgiving. And I was made for him…

                                    Let me just start with the dance. It was a wonderful time of worship, but it was more. It was a time for the Lord to pour his love on me, he took my sacrifice of praise and he poured it back out over me. It was a simple song with simple motions that spoke volumes. Little drummer boy. I don’t have all the right answers to the world’s questions, or great melodies for the lyrics I write, I rarely hit the right notes when I sing, sometimes I feel like I don’t really have that much to bring.  But what I have is a heart for the Lord. My heart is for the Lord. I was made for him…

          And then, there is the fact that the Littlesons  came to visit. It was just the right time. It was not long enough, but I can assure you, we used our time wisely. We laughed, we caught up, we prayed, we cried…we loved. I think it is unusual for two couples to be so close. Its a divinely appointed friendship, without a doubt. And the Butcher and I really needed them this weekend. When the time came for them to leave and we thought everything that could be said, had been said, Erin said “come on, lets go in the bedroom , so we can pray” She prayed for me, and for my husband, for our hearts, our mouths, and our marriage. She spoke to my spirit and reminded me that I am beautiful and perfect. I was made for him…

                                                 There were more friends, and more words spoken. There were embraces ,that said more than words ever could. There was an outpouring of love and I am slightly hung over from it. We are loved and blessed, beyond our circumstances, and outside of this world.  I have a clear picture of HIS love for me, and best of all, I know that in my quirky, imperfection….I was made for HIM.

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