a good hand

        If this life is a poker game, then I just have to say, “I have been given a good hand.”  Problem is…I am not a bluffer. Thank GOD that true feelings and good people with flaws, trump vague politeness every time. At least at my table.

                                   Thank you Lord for putting people in my life that see my heart, people that know that my love is bigger than one incident, in an emotional time. People who appreciate vigor and a belly full of fire. People who have flaws and have been hurt. People who love you and trust you. It is shaping up to be one great Thanksgiving week.

                                                      Take that lord of the flies ! Another evil plan thwarted ! Yes…I said thwarted. I know LOVE and I know TRUTH, everything else looks small. Oh yeah…cut the deck, deal the cards, cause I am ALL IN.

One thought on “a good hand

  1. So glad that you are enjoying your Thanksgiving week! You are so blessed to know true joy — it doesn’t come through circumstances, but through Who is with us during the circumstance. I will be praying for you, Thomas, and the kids on Thanksgiving. Love ya!

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