I feel like blurting out my weaknesses to you right now. I know for a fact, that once we say things out LOUD, they get smaller, so here goes…..

  • the books of the Bible, I can’t find the ones I need, to save my life. If the imagespastor says to look something up, you would think that I am on Jeopardy, thats how much pressure I feel.
  • communication…yep, I let things build and boil until they spill over and burn someone.
  • driving….I don’t like to drive, it makes me nervous. My friend Erin was born to drive, its one of the things that I admire about her.
  • taking care of my husband when he is sick- NOT GOOD. I just want him to be well, and somehow have convinced myself that if I don’t believe that he is sick, that he’s not.
  • laundry…I am not a great folder.
  • mopping….never quite got the hang of it.
  • sympathy…doesn’t always come easy.

Ok….enough therapy for today. I’m just saying, a lot of the time I worry about what people think and say about me. SO…. if I state all the “not so strong ” parts of my personality myself, then, I have nothing to fear.

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