Is there a place for honesty ? Is my OPINION my truth ? What I have been finding lately, is that people(friends) ask me how I feel about something, and in the rare instance that I tell the truth…it changes our relationship. I don’t really think warningsignthat people want the truth, and maybe they don’t need it.

                                 In some cases maybe the friendship wasn’t old enough or deep enough to handle a conflict ,and then you spill your truth into it, and it changes. It doesn’t have to end, but it won’t be the same. In other cases, the truth can stregnthen a relationship and give you something to build a future on. And then, there is the situation that is so vulnerable that you just don’t want to say your piece for fear of upsetting the balance of life as we know it.

                        The question that I am asking myself today “what is truth?”, and are there times that I should keep it to myself, even at the expense of my own heart ? I feel like I do that sometimes, and then it comes back to bite me in the donkey. AAHHH…so tired of this pity party. Has this post been weird enough for you ? Well, this is a blog and if I don’t say it here, where am I going to say it ? You deal with your issues and I will deal with mine.

                                I am blessed. I am blessed. I am loved. I am worthy of the blessings and the love. I am chanting.

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