Wild thing…you make my heart sing.

     I knew from the moment that I saw the first preview for,” where the wild things are”, that we had to see it. There was a feeling that  this movie was something to do with Isaiah, and therefore, I had to see it. So we went yesterday, there was no school, and it was opening day…perfect.

                       It was an intense movie for kids. You could feel the main character’s fear of abandonment, right from the start. At the end of the first scene, Isaiah pulled my head down and whispered, “this is making me sad”. Yeah. It hurt me,too. I recognized my son and his pain and wondered, where this movie was going. Long story short…the point of the movie is that we all have fear, and lonliness, and sadness inside of us….but they don’t have to rule us, or define us.

                  I explained it to my kids like this, ” Love with all of your heart, don’t be afraid of not being loved back. Tell the fear to “be still”, and it has to. Everything will bow down to the Lord who lives in you. And if you are going to be a wild thing, then do it with all your might”. They liked that.wherethewildthingsare_b

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