Mules, mornings, and love.

Well, I feel like I should talk about the Butcher today. I am sitting here drinking coffee that he ground for me yesterday. Yes, he has a coffee company now. Its really good. I had no idea the difference it would make to use FRESH, I thought I liked what I was using before.

                The Butcher is truly a visionary, a creative and fun husband. He works so hard trying to provide for us. He has created lots of different companies over our 14 years of marriage, but this one is my favorite ! I mean, if you don’t count BUNZY DOLLS, he made dolls for our kids that he thought he could sell. Not so much, but the memories that the kids have of their daddy sitting at the table hand sewing a doll for them will last forever ! OK. BlackAsscoffee.comdonkey suit1, he is working so hard on it and believes in it so much. Its inspiring to me. I love it, and I love him. I drink the french vanilla blend normally, but on a cold rainy morning ,like today, I chose raging mule….come on little donkey, give me a kick in the pants !!

                                                      If you like coffee, TRY THIS. Support a local business. Its good stuff and I happen to love the man behind the mule. Have a great day, rain and all.

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