I am starting my own abbreviation…CGWG….it stands for cute girls with glasses. It is honor of Isabelle.

                      For the last two weeks, Belle has been telling me that she can’t see the board in class, so she moves in closer, but she still can’t see. So, being the awesome mom that I am, what do I do ? Ignore her, of course. Sometimes, I seriously wish that I could kick my own legs out from under myself. I know, self-loathing is not healthy. Anyways, I digress. I finally sent a letter to the teacher telling her to send Belle to the school nurse to get her eyes checked. I expected a letter home saying that everything was fine, but what I got was a phone call from the nurse in a panicked voice….”Isabelle can’t see a thing!” Those were her words to me. I wanted to punch myself in the gut(oops there it is again). My poor baby. The nurse said it was not uncommon for a child this age to have a change in eyesight suddenly. Her right eye is 20/100 and the left is 20/63. I don’t know for sure, but I think that is pretty bad. (if you are knowledgable about this, please comment) We are headed to the eye dr. in the morning. Isabelle is not upset, she is looking forward to SEEING !

                        Can you imagine how hard it has been for her ? Reading, riding her scooter, watching tv ? All of the normal activities, and she has just adjusted and had to do things the hard way. Same thing for us when we look at our situations at work, at home, in our marriage, without our spiritual glasses…it is so much harder to muddle through. We put those babies on and suddenly…..oh, everything is so much clearer!  Not that we ALWAYS WANT to put them on, but when we do…its good.

           Isabelle told me something very wise this morning, ” doing the right thing at the right time is like golden apples and jewels of silver”. HHMMM. Nice. She could not remember where in the BIBLE the verse was located, it didn’t matter. It hit its mark. Out of the mouths of babes…..2007-2008 008

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