Just another manic monday

In an attempt to not sound like a broken record, I will not tell you that Isaiah cried, but went in his class. I will try not to write about the fact that we have been called in by the school to discuss stategies for Isaiah’s “behavioral struggles”. OOOOOPS. I did it anyway. Sorry. I can’t seem to see anyone or anything else. Isaiah actually NEVER gets into trouble at school, its just the getting into the building. Is that how you spell building ? I don’t know.

                                 On a logical level, I am aware that Isaiah is making headway, and that I am OK. On an experiential level, where I am actually experiencing this…I don’t feel ok. I know , rejoice to have joy. Got it. Can’t. Too tired.

                       Sometimes the enemy lies to me in an abstract voice, its not audible, but I know its him. Well, this weekend, I have heard him in his “OUT LOUD” voice, and boy, is it scary. He has to bow down to me and the one that lives inside me, but I have to keep the faith, and right now, I just feel tired. I know that I need someone to hold my arms up in this battle, so pray for joy for me in the little things, and patience in the not so little things. Thanks.

                         Ps… Thank you Freckles for taking him this morning, thank you for sneaking in behind him to check on him, thank you for holding him when you saw the brokeness. I feel my arms being lifted by you and I will stand to fight another day.

One thought on “Just another manic monday

  1. Hang in there. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel. My son, who had struggles of his own, is now 18 years old. And even I sometimes forget about that light. Isaiah will be ok. You love him and he knows that, and in the long run, he will be ok.

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