First Day of School…..

       Let me just start by saying that Z did beautifully !

  Thank you Jesus for your intercession. Isabelle was a little clingy, but thats ok with me. She looked cute as a button, in her dress and leggings and her little black flats ! Sidney is in 11th grade and a pro at this by now. ADAM…… he was a nervous wreck, couldnt sleep last night, and neither could I. Middle school is a scary pl;ace, after the warm enviroment of elementary school. If I could have gone for him, I would have.

                  So, I prayed for him in specific this morning. I did not ask the Lord for a word, but he gives more than you expect and therefore, I was not surprised.  And so…I will share.

             The scene is in black and white, its Adam walking up to the middle school ( which looks like gotham city in the vision), its dark and gloomy. But, just like in photoshop, when you add color to a black and white picture, everywhere that Adam walked, the color washed over and filled up. He opened the doors and color flooded the halls…….help me Jesus, I think I almost fell out just now. Ha !

           So thats it, I asked him for hope and he gave me a vision of such hope that I am beside myself.

One thought on “First Day of School…..

  1. SO SO SO proud of Z! As for Adam…he is amazing. He WILL bring life, and hope and enthusiasm to the doom and gloom of middle school! I love your post and I am praising the Lord that he gave you such an awesome picture. Love you.

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