My Redeemer

 I promised myself when I started this blog, that I would have NO BUFFER. That’s hard for my family at times, but this is mine and its my creative outlet, so tune out ….if you can.

                When I met my husband, he was already married, and I was a lost girl. Little did I know that ABBA would REDEEM me and SAVE him. He is a RESTORER in the biggest kind of way. He can take sin that turns your stomach and wash it white as snow….trust me, I know. 

        I have never been more in love with my husband or my LORD. They both keep showing me more and loving me more. Amazing. Amazing love, redeeming love. Abba redeems and restores every broken thing. He washes over me like waves of spirit, he won’t give up or in, until I sing. Until I bring my offering….my heart. MY HEART, MY HEART…..

        I wanted to post about my husband, but the Lord has taken us from as low as you can go , and he has wrapped himself around this marriage, like a vine, I can’t write about the Butcher without writing about how JESUS redeemed it. Redeeed us. I can’t stop saying the word REDEEMED tonight. Hmmm.

2 thoughts on “My Redeemer

  1. You are very blessed to have such a husband. I often wonder why God gave me Jake….why was I the blessed girl?

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