I visualized it, and now, I have REALIZED it.

               GLAM CLOTHING CO. Is up and running. The grand opening is over. We DID it. Still can’t quite believe it.

                       I haven’t cleaned my house, or petted my dog in a week. Have missed 3 bed times in a row with my kids, but in the big picture, I hope they will be proud of me. Proud that I am not afraid of trying something new and possibly failing, proud that I fight very hard against the voice of my flesh that tells me I can’t do it.

                  We could not have gotten Glam off the ground with out  prayers and HELP ! So, thanks to all who have done one or the other. And thanks to those of you who have done both.

                  And thanks to the Butcher for running errands, getting groceries, putting gas in my car, taking the dog to the groomer(even though you forgot to pick her up), handling the kids, making me drink water, and reminding me to eat. Its been  a tough couple of weeks. I love you. Thanks for believing that I could pull this off.

       If you would like to see a slide show from the preview party you can go to fototales.com and click on clients and then use glam as the password. My friend Regan did the photos and I think they are awesome !

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