long time no post.

    Sorry, its been a long week, and then an even longer weekend. I have just been working at the store and recovering from strep throat. YUCK.  On Friday night my life changed, maybe forever. Can’t talk about that. On Saturday, we took the kids and went to camp Awanita ! It was for the rising 6th graders and was great fun. I slid down a 150 ft water slide ! So take that all of you nay sayers, who think I won’t get my hair wet ! And then today was church, where the Lord reminded me of a couple of things…1. he see’s me HOLY, and 2. I don’t have to be what this world says is normal. I can be like Joshua and caleb and go against the crowd. Oh yeah, and 3. no matter how many people THINK they know me, the Lord is the ONLY one who knows my heart.

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