I got a comment on the blog last night that has really encouraged me. I am a witness. My experiences are real. It is so good to have someone say ,” the Lord spoke to me through you”. YES ! It was like a drink of water to a woman dying of thirst.

                         I started this blog as an outlet for my writing, the Lord will use it as HE sees fit. His opinion is more important than anyone else’s.  Its gonna be a good day !

One thought on “YESSSS !

  1. Hello Angie,

    I was going through your most recent posts and liked the spiritual u I found. I too relate to the same concepts and also publish a blog about the Spirit. I would appreciate if you could find time to visit and leave a few comments on some fo the posts. You may find even more

    Have great and prosperous day!



    PS: Your blog was related to one I just posted on a new blog. If you wish to learn more about the aim and purpose of my blogs, I’d be more than happy to inform you of other blogs and sites related to this one.

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