cry baby

It was the busiest day at Glam so far. I think 48 people came in to sell their clothes. It was N icki’s first day to see the “system” for herself ! I am home now, I can barely type (but I looooove my blog, and so I continue), thats how delirious I am.

            I came home tonight and……I cried. I cried because belle’s room was not clean, I cried because Isaiah cut his finger at the store, I cried with gratitude that all of my children are healthy and well, I cried because Sidney got her first paycheck, I cried because Adam goes to camp for the first time tomorrow, I cried because there was doggie doo on the dining room rug, I cried because I am exhausted. I worked 12 and 1/2 hours today. I cried because when you work that long, you cannot possibly LOOK glam, or even pretend to be interested in being glam. SO THERE. I am a cry baby. I only hope my DADDY hears me. I am holding my arms up to you Abba, lift me up.P1040354

oh yeah….I am crying for the blisters on my feet, I guess thats what you get if you stand for 12 hours. boo hoo.

2 thoughts on “cry baby

  1. have faith in your dream Angie… only you can make it happen.
    Will follow with great interest 😉
    Best from Santorini to you & family

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