When I hear the term “worship night”, I would like for it to mean an extended period of worship, longer than normal, where everyone involved worships as long as they want.  Is that too much to ask for ? Sometime, I would like to show up at my church, or ANY church, have no words, just let the drum do the talking and lay my life before my LORD. I really wanted to love on the king last night, and I am still smarting from my abrupt crash landing .

                     The baptisms were awesome, it is always touching to see a teen get baptized. It is like shouting “I choose you LORD!” And anyone who has a teen, or knows one can testify, that is not an easy thing to do.

            Isabelle said something interesting. She had been asking to get baptized and really bugging me about it, Finally, I said”you were baptized last time, we don’t need to do it again tonight”. Her response….”I want to step into GOD again.” ( she is nine) I explained that we can step into GOD anytime that we want, that he is here for the taking. I think she got it, its so hard…I mP4030504ean, I feel the same. I want the worship to go on, and on because I want to step into God again. I want to encounter him in my worship….it takes time to find the throne sometimes. And other times, it doesn’t.

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