Isabelle’s Awards Day…

I am off to the last school function of the year, Isabelle’s awards day ! There is not a lot that I can say about Belly that you don’t already know about me. We are like twins, split-aparts. Look at her, you’ll see me, look at me, you’ll see her. Not always a good thing. She loves justice and will tell on somebody if she has to….so will I. She loves presents and will make up a holiday to get one if she has to….so will I. She is inquisitive and wants to know the WHOLE story RIGHT NOW no matter what else is going on…..ME TOO !

P4110521Sometimes I can’t look at her, thats how beautiful she is. Isabelle is in love with life, and does everything with gusto.

p.s. read down delow if you missed my guest blogger yesterday.peace.

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