I have been sitting around here for a couple of hours now, adding up the money that has flown out of our hands in the matter of a week. Its scary, and overwhelming and yet, I believe that God has put this opportunity in our hands. I decided to put the work down for a bit, and pray and read the Bible. FYI…always a good choice. In the messagefamily photo I found a psalphoto of bookm that is for me, its not new, I’ve read it before, but each time, it hits me just a little bit differently. Its Ps 31.24 from the messagebe brave, be strong, don’t give up. Expect God to get here soon.

              Then…I was reading a book called GOD CALLING, my best friend Myrrh gave it to me(just one of the many spiritual gifts she has shared)the book is a compilation of words and insights given to two women who were willing to listen to the LORD’S voice. The writer put them in a dated format, so whenever I need a word, I go to today’s date, and tada ! There it is. More times than I can count, it has been right on the money, exactly what I needed. Tonight was no different. Here is what it said, May 24I give with a LARGE hand and heart. Note, the draught of the fish…the net broke and the boat began to sink with the lavishness of my gift. Lose sight of of all limitations. Abundance is GOD’S supply. Turn out all limited thoughts. Receive showers and in your turn…shower.

                I was happy with that word. I have a family, and they are the reason that I am working hard. I want to leave a legacy, financial freedom…yes, but above everything else, a legacy of faith. Faith in the lavish, extravagant love and grace of ABBA.


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