field day and other fun festivities

This is a photo of Isabelle from field days past ! We love field day.

Picture 066Well we have ALMOST made it through Isaiah’s first full year of school. Thank you sweet Jesus of Nazareth, son of a carpenter, lamb that was slain ! So today is field day for Z ! The Butcher is there with him and I am at work. Yes, I am a little sad about that, but thats life.

                    Let me just interject this- the butcher hates the new politically correct field day. If you are not familiar with that its when every child gets a ribbon, no one is numero uno. Of course, we understand this. Some children are not athletic and feel bad when they lose.  The Butcher HATES it. He likes the old school version , where you run as hard as you can, as fast as you can, in the blazing sun to become NUMBER ONE in your class, and earn bragging rights for the next school year. I tend to agree.

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