We found Moses at the pound. He was friendly and calm. Our children were small at the time, and these seemed like the most important characteristics for our dog to have. What we got was so much more. Moses is a wise old soul, we know what his voice sounds like ,P4250183and use it frequently when talking to him or about him. The children spend hours looking into his eyes trying to figure out what mysteries of the universe he is thinking about.

         Adam in particular loves Moses, they play a game called”king of heads” where they rub heads seeing who will move first. Moses will allow you to lay on him like a pillow and he is really happy about it. You know that you have won Moses’ heart if when you stop petting him, he puts his huge paw on you and begs for more.

He is missing a few teeth and therefore, his tongue hangs out the side in a comical way. We love moses. He is a great dog. He lives inside, due to a mis-diagnosis of cancer 3 years ago. He NEVER goes to the bathroom in the house and is always happy to see us when we come back from anywhere.

P.S. this is Ava in the background, she frequently goes to the bathroom in the house and does not really like the kids….she doesn’t understand why we let them or Moses live here.P4250181

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