big fat failure

That is what I will always be IF I continue to try and raise perfect children.

                        Funny, that I would come to that conclusion so close to Mother’s Day, but its true. I got so mad at the Butcher last night when he told me to lighten up on Adam(11). I got mad because my gut said “he is right”. Adam has gotten straight a’s all year in a very hard class, but has slipped this last nine weeks . In my mind(which is scattered, covered, and smothered)he has to pull it up and finish with all a’s. Obviously. But at what cost ?

                 What the Butcher said(in the wrong way) hit home, touched a nerve, I got the point. Adam is flawed, they all are, we all are. Perfection cannot be my goal or I will always fail. Perfection cannot be my goal for Adam or he will start to dread coming home, he will stop hugging me and telling me jokes. I don’t want that. I think I AM going to lighten up. Don’t tell the Butcher, HE WAS RIGHT.

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