a study in contrasts

p4250206So…I enjoy this blogging thing. I mean, I reeeaaally enjoy it. But for a minute lets evaluate the situation…I fell in love with the pioneer woman. (you can find her in my blog roll) My sister showed me her blog and I was hooked. Sucked in, if you will, by all the beautiful photographs, and the sumptious ranch food, her ability to homeschool(a quality that I admire), her rugged ranching lifestyle(cow poop, and all). I began to think, “hey, I could do that,too” HA ! And for about a week, I walked around in a daze thinking  about how to create a fabulous life for myself ,so that I could blog about it.

                      And then I realized….I am just me. My house does not sit on acres and acres, as a matter of fact, I can see what my neighbors are watching on their t.v. if I want to. And then theres my camera, very funny. There is no zoom to speak of, as those of you who have looked at my photos can tell, I don’t even have photoshop….YET. I don’t know if I should even bring up the cooking and the recipes. Should I, do I dare ? The Butcher does most of the cooking around here. I have certain dishes…muffins(see above photo), pork chops, oven fried chicken. But for the most part, the Butcher is the chef !  What else…oh yeah, homeschooling. I have 4 children. They go to public school, not because I love public school, but because I have such a fear of being responsible for them not learning, or knowing something. I know, ridiculous. Another irrational fear.

                       My point here is this….there is no way for me to recreate the pioneer womans masterpiece of a blog, but I am pretty proud of mine. Its just the extraordinary happenings in an ordinary life. Day by day. Amen.

5 thoughts on “a study in contrasts

  1. Hey! Those are the best kind of muffins….I can’t make muffins from scratch to save my life.
    Thanks for sharing your life with us. I love reading your blog. I smile when I read something that I can just hear going on and I pray when I read something that I know is hurting you.
    And Chirs is the cook around here too. I think cooking highly over rated!

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