there was an old woman…….

Yesterday ,I tried the calm approach with my kids. I did not yell, of course ,they did not hear a lot of what I was saying ,and I had to repeat it quite a few times.shaped20buildings_460a1c139c793 By the time Thomas got home my face was tight and my ears had steam coming out. Seriously, the first thing he said was ” are you ok ?” I said “yes, I am trying the calm approach”. Ha ! This morning was a different story……..Isaiah didn’t want to get up, we were out later than normal at the soccer game. And started out the morning asking for candy, crying, ignoring Thomas when he told him to get shoes on and brush teeth. Eventually, there was some yelling. He does not take direction well. For those of you handing out advice in your mind right now, be advised- we have tried EVERY approach. We have been hard-nosed, not putting up with anything, we have been rewarders-giving gifts and prizes for good behavior, and we have been pscychologistic(I know thats not a word, thank you) trying to figure out what has caused his hurt and anger. And so far…zip. Nothing really seems to work.

               This morning was bad. I am saying it out loud and in writing, because its just not good to keep things in. I completely had a vision of the old woman who lived in the shoe…theres only four of them….what do I do ?

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